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lisaeiou asked: What are good red lipstick shades for red heads?





Every shade is good for redheads. I do not have patience for lipstick rules dictated by hair color. Nobody got time for that 

Wow this is absolutely not even true. It depends entirely on your skintone and the shade of red that your hair is.  Ever see someone with copper hair wear a red lipstick with orange undertones? It just doesn’t look good. This is coming from a natural redhead AND a licensed makeup artist.
Clearly you just don’t have time or patience to answer your followers questions correctly.
There are no “rules” that dictate what you can and cannot wear… just guidelines as to what you should or should NOT wear.
Just my opinion, it’s worth what you paid for it.

Hmm. Okay. See the thing is, while I totally understand what you’re saying, I’m also not interested in prescribing my followers rules on what looks good on them. You’re operating on the premise that someone should wear something because it will look good on them as determined by other people. What does good mean? Does it mean less sickly? Does it mean paler? Brighter? What are you trying to get out of it? Why can’t you just wear a color because you like it? Why are you telling someone what looks good on them or not? If someone wants to wear a color they should wear the color. That is it. That is the thing. 

Someone can literally google “redhead makeup” and get several million arbitrary results that will make their shopping process a lot more complicated because it will give them ideas on tones and then they will have to learn about undertones and then they will dictate their idea of what looks good on them by a bunch of opinions on other people and what other people say look good on them. 

Or they could you know, pick literally whatever color they want. And be happy with that. Because they want to wear that color. 

That is the approach I like the best. This is the approach we are down with. This is not a place where you get to determine what someone should or should not do.

And as yet another licensed makeup artist, I would never discourage a client from wearing any color that she felt happy or confident in.
Yes, there are “color rules” but there is no one saying anyone actually has to follow them.
I am a winter skin type, and yet I still like wearing lip colors that maybe aren’t absolutely perfect. BECAUSE I LIKE THEM.
It’s unfair to force people into a color box and define what they should or should not do.

"Nothing changes when you have red hair" Mary fuckin Greenwell

Speaking as a freckled ginger wench if I subscribed to the standard looks that redheads are allowed to wear my makeup drawer would be boring as hell.  You can wear whatever you want if you have the attitude to back it up


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